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  • 和文はこの後に続きます。/ The Japanese translation is to follow.

Thank you for dropping by!

My name is Yuko (pronounced “Yuuko”) and I am from Japan. I have been teaching Japanese to speakers of other languages for thirty years. I taught in New Jersey and New York, and in the fall of 2018 I began to teach in South Carolina, in person and on Skype.

From my experience with students, I have learned certain stories interest many of them and often help them learn Japanese (at least a particular matter) more quickly. I would like to share those stories with you; whether you are a Japanese teacher or not, I believe some of them can be of general interest. That was the first motivation for this website.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Facebook (Facebook.com/Amitylanguage). Alternatively you can send me an e-mail using my Contact Form following the Japanese text.




自分の経験から、日本語を教える過程で、ちょっとしたお話を聞くと、場合によっては生徒さんたちが面白がって (少なくともその項目は) 覚えが早くなることに気づきました。それらのお話を、皆様と分かち合いたい。日本語教師でなくても、普通の話題として面白いものもあるのではないか。そういう気持ちで、このサイトを作ってみました。



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