The Day of Good Couples: November 22 / 11月22日はいい夫婦の日

和文は英文の下です。The Japanese text is at the bottom of this page.
An image of a couple of cardinals, a possibly symbol of the Day of Good Couples.
A possibly symbol of a good couple, a cardinal couple is often seen together.

November 22 is “The Day of Good Couples or いい夫婦(ふうふ)の日 ii huuhu no hi” in Japan.

The reason is just a word play. November 22 can also be written “1122″, which can be read “i” “i” “hu” and “hu” in Japanese. As you know, “i” is the first part of “ichi” meaning “one”. And “hu” is the old Japanese way of saying “two” as in “hutatsu (two pieces)” and “hutari (two persons)”.

We didn’t know what couples do in Japan on the Day of Good Couples and checked on the Internet.

It seems there is a common background where the Japanese are not usually able to say “I love you. I thank you for being with me” to their spouses.

So the promoters tell people to “materialize your love and gratitude and all your feelings for your spouse” on the Day of Good Couples. For example, you can buy a bunch of flowers or fancy chocolate for your spouse. After all it’s another opportunity for prompting people to spend money on something…?

But maybe a lot of Japanese are too shy to say straightforward “I love you. I appreciate you are with me.” and so they find buying a present and giving it is easier.

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