No Parking / 駐車禁止

ルビ付き和文は英文の下にあります。/ The Japanese translation with furigana is on the bottom of this page.
An image of a “No Parking” sign at a hospital in Japan
“The words in red for emphasis are “ichi-man-en” and “chuusha (injection)”.[Click to enlarge]

No Parking

We found an interesting sign saying “No Parking” on the Internet.

This is a parking lot at the hospital in Saitama-ken.

Rai-in igai no kata no chuusha wa kataku o-kotowari itashimasu. (Absolutely no parking for those who are not visitors to our hospital)

Mudan-chuusha o hakken-shita toki ni wa bakkin ichi-man-en mata wa chuusha shimasu. (If we find you parking without permission, we will fine you ten thousand yen or we will give you a shot.)

Nao, too chuushajoo-nai ni okeru jiko, toonan too no sekinin wa oikanemasu. (Also, we can’t be held responsible for accidents and thefts, etc., if they happen in our parking space.)

Seibu Soogoo Byooin (Seibu General Hospital)

“Parking” and “shot (injection)” is the same word in Japanese: “chuusha (駐車)” and “chuusha (注射)”.

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