Image of Yuko, the Japanese teacher
at Tokyo Sky-tower in 2018

Last update: July 28, 2020

Thank you for dropping by!

My name is Yuko and I am a Japanese teacher in South Carolina. I taught in New York area for many years, and in the summer of 2018 I moved and began to teach in Charleston, SC. This blog is a collection of small deviations I would have liked to make in class if time had allowed.

By the way, what kind place is South Carolina?

During the 30+ years in the NY/NJ area, I never missed Japanese food. It’s because there were a lot of stores, restaurants and cafes where Japanese prepared dishes and ingredients were available. I took it for granted.

However, in South Carolina, some Japanese ingredients are not as readily available. Now I have to think what I can do if I want to have some Japanese dishes at home. Also I began to recognize what I can live without, what I can substitute, what I have to obtain in NY or Japan, or what I must make from scratch or grow in our yard (such as “shiso” and “mitsuba” leaves).

Therefore, I feel much more gratitude when I see a piece of Japan in life. For example, in a local supermarket, I love to see the Chinese cabbage sold with the sign “nappa cabbage”, or a sign “Hissho-Sushi” at their sushi department. Now a Japanese teacher in South Carolina, I now have stronger affection for the Japanese language and culture, and more appreciation for those who learn Japanese.

Some other changes since I moved to the South are: I have been more interested in the history of the US; I have been learning how to build a WordPress website to make this blog; and me and my husband have found  the joy of watching nature and wildlife. We take so many photos that once in a while the results are very gratifying. I will show you in the near future.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon again!



「(かわぐち) ゆうこ」ともうします。米国べいこくみなみカロライナしゅうほんきょうをしています。ながくニューヨークいきおしえましたが、2018にせんじゅうはち年夏ねんなつみなみカロライナしゅううつり、それらい、ここでレッスンをおこなっています。このブログは、もっとかんがあったらじゅ業中ぎょうちゅうはなしたいとおもっていた、ばなしあつめです。


ところが、みなみカロライナでは、ほんしょくざいはそんなに簡単かんたんはいりません。しょくべたければ、なにのうか、かんがえなければならない。べなくてもかまわないものもあるし、代用だいようできるものもあるけれど、ニューヨークやほんってくるか、いちからつくるか、にわそだてるか (など)、しなければならないものもあります。

ですから、生活せいかつなかほん一片いっぺん白菜はくさいについている「nappa cabbageナッパ・キャベツ」というふだや、スーパーのお寿の「Hissho必勝?-Sushi」という看板かんばんなど、にしたのうれしさ、ありがたさ。みなみカロライナのほんきょうになって、ほんぶんへのあいちゃくがくしゅうしゃへの感謝かんしゃねんあらたにしました。




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