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An image of Hatenashi Sanmyaku, meaning endless mountains. There are 3 or more ways to learn Japanese!
[Click to enlarge] “Hatenashi Sanmyaku (Endless Mountains)” in Kii, Wakayama Prefecture

Many posts in this blog were originally written for my students or inspired by them in class. I enjoy writing for them about things we didn’t have time to discuss in our lessons.

But when I write, some topics are so interesting that I also wish to reach someone like you, although we have not met yet, to share them with. I mean those of you who have interest in Japan and the Japanese culture, whether or not you are learning Japanese.

By reading these posts, you can learn a lot about the people, the language and the culture of Japan. Since nowadays there are already many interesting news articles, websites and social media posts on Japan, I try not to tell you stories already covered by big news media or very popular bloggers living or traveling often in Japan. Unless there is a very good reason.

Learn Japanese directly from an experienced teacher, either on Video Calls or In-Person

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On the other hand, if you actually would like to learn how to communicate in Japanese by speaking, listening, reading and writing, it would be a good idea to learn from a live teacher. Thus you would learn better and faster; an experienced teacher could give a structure to your learning and a steady rhythm to your progress.

I have been teaching people Japanese on video calls and in person (if we live close by). They are in a small group of up to six and one-on-one settings. During the lessons, I use English in explaining for lower level students and gradually increase Japanese.

I will walk you through all the necessary steps, and you will be surprised at what you can say in just a few weeks. Also you are welcome to ask as many questions as you want. Sometimes I may come up with another blog article originally written for you.

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