A Class Observation Day / 参観日

和文は英文の下にあります。/ The Japanese translation is on the bottom of this page.
An image of a girl who stands up in class on a class observation day.
Children stood and told their opinion one by one.

Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May in Japan, too.

Around this time of the year, we always have an Observation Day for Parents at elementary schools. 

On the topic of an Observation Day, a mother posted a story on a Japanese online bulletin board. We found it funny and would like to share it with you:

A memory of a mother: “When I went to see my son on a Class Observation Day…”

When my son was a second grader, on an Observation Day for Parents, we observed a “moral studies” class.

The day’s subject was “What kind of words from people make you happy?” 

Children raised their hands and gave their opinions one after another.

“Itsumo arigatoo.” (Thank you for always being nice.)

“Yasashii ne.” (You are kind/sweet!)

“Karada ni ki o tsukete ne.” (Take good care of yourself.)

“Daisuki da yo!” (I like you very much! It sometimes means “I love you.” said in a family.)

“Zutto tomodachi de iyoo.” (Let’s stay friends forever!)

“Issho ni iruto tanoshii yo!” (It’s fun to be with you!)

“Umarete kite kurete arigatoo.” (Thank you for coming to my family! This is an expression from one’s parent.)

and so on.

I was listening carefully, nodding in agreement at each.

My son was sitting in the rear of the class. I looked over his shoulder and found his answer on a piece of paper:

“O-kozukai, ageru.” (I will give you an allowance.)




















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