“Zansho o-mimai mooshiagemasu 残暑お見舞い申し上げます (“It’s been so hot that we would like to know how you are faring”)”

An image of a sidewalk, as an image for summer-end greetings
[Click to enlarge/画像をクリックすると拡大します] This is a particularly beautiful part of our neighborhood. Spanish Moss is often seen hung from Crape Myrtle and Live Oak trees like this./豊かなスペイン苔が美しい歩道。近所ではよく、百日紅やライブ樫の木から垂れ下がっています。

With these sentiments, the Japanese traditionally exchange postcards from August 7 (in 2020, since they use the lunar calendar for this) until the end of the month. We call it (the card and the custom) “zansho-mimai (Summer-End Greetings)”. In South Carolina, August is far from the end of the summer, but be as it may!

Summer-End Greeting cards with these sentiments are widely available in stores. They come in many designs but they all feature something associated with coolness you can find in summer or with a soothing effect in the heat. For example, a goldfish bowl, shaved ice in a glass, a wind-bell, a stream beside a mountain path… 

On the right is our Summer-End Greetings for you. On a hot summer day, in South Carolina, there is nothing like a shade under Spanish moss!

To fight back the heat, let’s remember to keep drinking a cup of water at the pace of one glass an hour. Don’t count beer, iced tea and coffee in it, because they contain alcohol or caffein, thereby dehydrating you.

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[和文終わり/End of the Japanese post]

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