Particles and Their Related Verbs

An image to show particles and their related verbs
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We would like to review with you particles which come after a noun. In these twelves short posts, we will go over eleven particles and their related verbs. 

(When you review by yourself, you can start anywhere.)

Each explanation on a particle and its related verbs has a couple of parts: (1) “In short”, a quick reminder of what it is, (2) “A bit more” for more explanations or reminders, and some has (3) a “Bonus” for relevant knowledge from a more advanced level. If you are reviewing quickly for your exam or something, you can skip this part.

Particles and Their Related Verbs

  1. wa は
  2. no の
  3. e へ [Link is coming soon]
  4. ni に [Link is coming soon]
  5. to と [Link is coming soon]
  6. de で [Link is coming soon]
  7. o を [Link is coming soon]
  8. kara から [Link is coming soon]
  9. made まで[Link is coming soon]
  10. ga が [Link is coming soon]
  11. yori より[Link is coming soon]

Reference: Verb Grouping for Particles

We will use the following terms in this post. You may have a good guess by reading this post but we recommend you to refer to => Verb Grouping for Particles for actual verb lists.

  1. The Verbs of Existing
  2. The Verbs of Giving
  3. The Verbs of Receiving
  4. The Verbs of Moving in One Direction
  5. The Verbs of Occurring at One Place
  6. The Verbs of Moving About The Verbs of Leaving a Place

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