The New Starting Point

ここでは、仲本工事さんの死を悼む記事で印象に残った部分について説明しました。/ This is my rough translation and explanation on one of today’s news article.

A death of a comedian was reported on NHK. Mr. Nakamoto Koji was 82. In the 1970’s, he belonged to a famous group of comedians and was a very popular TV personality.

In an interview he had in 2018, Mr. Nakamoto said, “You are at a new starting point in life when you find you can’t do what you wanted to do.” 

When he joined the comedian group in 1965, he wanted to work in the capacity of a musician, but the leader chose to perform more comic short plays and didn’t focus on music. Nakamoto was disappointed.

Still, Nakamoto found what he could do, and later established a firm presence in the group.

The interviewer remarked Mr. Nakamoto’s words may apply not only to comedians and actors, but to all of us. So we wanted to share this with you.



NHK News October 20, 2022
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